Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Drinks

Drinks tonight are inspired by the lovely Dita and the citrus sweetness of French liquer Contreau.  Whilst it is not a drink I indulge in often when I do it has to be straight up on ice.  Happy Friday!


  1. Heavens Maiden. It took your blog to remind my that is was FRIDAY. I've lost a few days somewhere!

    Cointreau is a delicious drink; especially good with certain ice-creams. Yum.

  2. I've never been able to drink it since watching those cringe-making adverts starring that geriatric dwarf sex pest, Charles Azanvour.

  3. Im going to go an youtube Charles Azanvour now Tom as I dont know those adverts.

    Cro, I imagine you get Cointreau a lot cheaper in France than we do here??