Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Festive Room

It can be hard to get Christmas interiors right, I think these rooms above achieve the right balance between festive and stylish.


  1. Too 'designery', Maiden. Christmas interiors should be messy, and topsy-turvy. They should look as if they've been put together by a family of all ages!! Magazine interiors simply miss the point.

    If I had to eat at a table like picture No 2, I would make an excuse and LEAVE .

  2. Now you know why my grandchildren call me 'Grumpy'.

  3. Ha! Cro I'm going to post a picture of my dining table tonight (I'm hosting Christmas Eve dinner). I wonder if it would cause you to leave or if I could convince you to stay if I ply you with champagne and good wine?!