Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night Drinks

On a wet afternoon in Dublin a few years ago I found myself in a little Irish pub drinking pints of lovely Guiness when I ought to have been siteseeing. Being Australian my previous beer experience was limited to the bubbly, ice cold liquid amber that is favoured by so many Australians. My wayward afternoon led me to develop a taste for lovely thick creamy stout so drinks tonight are influenced by this memory. I think this quaint pub looks like a superb place to enjoy a pint or two and this incredible jacket worn by Marlene Dietrich would be perfect. Happy Friday!


  1. Oh how I love a pint of the black stuff or the Arthur Scargill. I have sampled it all over the world, Ireland, England, Spain, US and Australia and only a handful of bartenders know how to pour it (119.5 seconds - double pour)


  2. Now you're talking! I will join you in a glass this evening, Maiden. I bought a case of 'bottled draught'(?)last winter, and there are still one or two left.

    A la votre. Bisou, Cro.

  3. he, he, form a Dublin girl i think a evening spent in a dublin pub is defo a cultural must .