Monday, April 12, 2010

Autumn Arrival

Although we are 6 weeks in to Autumn today is the first day of the season where it has felt crisp and cool. I love this change in the weather and with the turning back of the clocks and it feels lilke the ideal time to stay indoors, rest, read, cook and recuperate after a long busy summer. Of course I am not actually doing any of those things but instead was up early to race out the door to work, however it is how I am planning to spend the upcoming weekend.


  1. I would hate to live without 'seasons', but I wouldn't mind a little 'bolt-hole' somewhere warmer to pass the worst of the winters. I'm actually considering Oz.

    A bit early, but enjoy next weekend, Cro.

  2. What a totally adorable picture!

    I've enjoyed catching up on your posts; Love the Wheels and Dollbaby shoot and would love to travel in a train as beautiful as the one romantic.

  3. Love the photo. It makes me miss Autumn even though I am enjoying Spring.

  4. By the way; I tried your leek and pumpkin risotto. I used butternut squash instead of pumpkin, and fromage frais instead of marscapone. It was delicate and delicious. I shall do it again. Thanks, Cro.

  5. Thanks everyone, heading to DJA and the real mia now to catch up with your gorgeous blogs. Cro- Im glad the risotto went well, I love that recipe and the fromage frais instead of marscapone is a great suggestion.