Friday, March 5, 2010

Magazine vs Real Life

Yesterday I did a post on a photo shoot from T magazine (The New York Times Style magazine), so I was very interested to see an image of Keira Knightley today wearing one of the pieces from the shoot.  Who wears it better?? 


  1. It's such an awful piece of clothing, that I reckon that Jacquelyn Jablonski wears it the best, simply because she covers most of it up, and I'm too busy admiring her eyebrows to notice the exposed parts.

  2. ha ha! is it the colour, the style or the print that offends?

  3. All three, Closet. The terrible, sharp shape that the printed figure image creates is mirrored in the retro, pointy collar, and that itself is highlighted by the scarlet colour. The scarlet itself makes a horrible combination when set against the beige of the shirt, and the cut around the seams of the shoulders is so badly put together, that it gathers and ruffles in a discordant and probably unintentional (who knows?) way.

    Also, how you can possibly equate Keira Knightley with 'real life' is beyond my understanding.