Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Brown Paper Bag

When I arrived at one of the boutiques today I noticed this brown paper bag sitting on the counter. One of the sales assistants had been scribbling on the paper during the course of the day and this was the end result. When I am bored and scribbling the end result is a biro mess not a drawing that wouldn't be out of place on a hallmark card...I even had a customer try to buy the brown paper bag, of course I couldnt justify selling it.


  1. I hope you sacked the assistant. (Joking of course. I wish there were more more brown paper packaging tied up with string, as these are a few of my favourite things).

  2. How talented, majority of staff would be wasting your time and money on antisocial websites such as mybook and facespace. Get her, i presume its a she, to do more and use them as your shop bags. At least they are doing something productive when they not serving customers...

  3. Oh yes I certainly did wonder at how productive she is being if she manages to get this done.. If I turn up one day and she has completed a metre high canvas I will start to worry! Tom, I adore the brown paper wrapping and string too..