Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Night Drinks

Instead of going in to the office this morning we decided to organise a volunteer event for our group.  The obvious choice was working up at ANZAC house to help them get ready for the ANZAC day appeal in April.  The task was fairly mundane (attaching pins to backing card to sell for $2 a pop) to raise much needed funds for the RSL (Retired Services League) so that they can support the veteran community and other returned soldiers and their families.  I am very happy to say we managed to do 10,600 badges in a 3 hour period. So tonight's drinks are inspired by the many soldiers who have fought in wars all across the globe.  I can only imagine a daily rum ration would have seemed like heaven to those in the trenches. Of course it really wouldnt be a Maiden Luxe post without a nod to  fashion so tonight Im going military style, inspired by the lovely Cat Deeley.  Happy Friday!


  1. I would have thought that a pint of Wallop, or a mug of Rosie Lee, might be more apt. N'est pas?

  2. Re the last pic: A 'Mountie' always gets her man?