Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Project

I found this beat up sideboard in a second hand store in a tiny country town miles from the city for $10 a few weeks ago.  Would love to hear your thoughts on how I should restore it, currently its sitting in the garage gathering dust...


  1. I give up! Looks like it might once have been quite chic.

  2. It looks as though it is veneered, Maiden. If the veneer (thin wood-shavings glued to the main structure, like gold-leaf) are sound and not peeling away, then all you need do is clean them, lightly sand them back to the wood, then re-polish the surface and wax or varnish it properly. If the veneer is coming away from the wood backing, then you can re-veneer those patches, but that will take a bit more expertise. Find a local expert to give you on site advice.

  3. great shots! follow me and i follow you back!

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  4. re: Tom's suggestion. Don't sand it, use 00 wire wool (the very finest), then just polish. It's what dealers do! Sorry Tom.

  5. Ill keep you updated with pictures of the work in progress..

  6. oh i cannot wait to see how this turns out!
    it looks art deco. but im not a professional lol just what popped in my head when i saw it :)
    could be beautiful
    i love things that have potential :)