Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Night Drinks

 Last week I visited a Melbourne dining institution, Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, a small traditional Italian cafe/restaurant which delivers bucketloads of history and atmosphere. On arrival you either perch at the bar or share a communal table in the kitchen (where a small Italian nonna will ask you what you would like to eat - no menu required).  Heaped bowls of steaming pasta follow with plenty of bread and a shots of espresso. All for under $20.  Tonight's drinks are inspired by this place, which serves no alcohol, so a Chinotto is a must. Of course for those who cant go past a Friday night without a little tipple, a splash of gin and a slice of lemon is a worthwhile addition to this bittersweet drink. To wear is has to be another traditional Italian institution, Prada, and a healthy does of black to fit in with the Melbourne uniform. Happy Friday!


  1. Pellegrini's looks staggeringly inviting. Shame about the no alcohol bit. Pasta without wine? Not possible!!

  2. Looks great! have a good weekend :-)
    ♥ Emma