Saturday, June 12, 2010

The New York Blues

Some images snapped around NYC on another misty, cloudy day which seems to suit this city very well.


  1. I hated the Twin Towers when they were up, but I sort of miss them now. My friends made the English Garden at Ground Zero - I hope it is not as bad as the stuff they have done for Prince Charles, etc.

  2. Last time I was here so were the Towers, the skyline approching the island from the ferry ceraingly doesnt have the same impact now. Where is the English Garden? I must have missed yesterday.

  3. They were there when I was too, Maiden. The English Garden must be situated about where the car-park for the towers was. It was designed by Julian and Isabel Bannerman, with letter-cutting by Simon Verity - an old employer friend of mine. Simon worked on the figures for the west front of St. John the Divine in Manhattan, but now lives in Scotland.