Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night Drinks

In keeping with the romantic theme of this weekend tonight's drink is a rose petal champagne, this very pretty pink dress would be perfect to wear and I imagine the sitting room at Belvoir Castle in the UK (which coincidentally features in a book I have just started reading) would be a suitably romantic place to indulge. Happy Friday!
Rose Petal Champagne
Rose Syrup
Rose Petals
In a champagne glass add a dash of rose syrup, top with champagne and finish with delicate rose petals.


  1. Did you know that Belvoir is pronounced 'Beaver' when referring to the castle? I thought I would tell you, as it was years before I realised.

  2. just wikipedia it and you will find that out....beaver hohoho....

  3. I know - Canada's national dish too.