Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Night

When I was growing up up I hated Sunday night, the thought of school the following day and the end of the weekend was enough to make me wish it was Saturday every day. These days however I love Sunday night, it is the best night of the week to relax and spend at home with family and this bath looks like a lovely place to hide out for an hour or so!


  1. I think i like sundays more than i used to, but still brings on a feeling of dread for the week of work to come!
    Maybe if i have a nice bath like that, things would be different...

  2. Oh I agree, I love Sunday nights now but still struggle with the dreaded Monday morning!

  3. Sooo inviting and Beautiful! I love the simplicity and warmth of it. Very inviting!
    I love baths everynight actually, they make me feel treated and taken care of...